Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taper Time... again

Well, it is that time of season again. Taper time, to be exact. Mark, in between other 'gigs' this fall has been training hard to get ready for the Short Course World Championships which will be held in Dubai in about 15 days. For a long time this meet seemed to far into the future. Then, last week, Mark came home and said, "Starting Monday it is time for me to take it easy." Take it easy? For what? "Taper." Huh? Is is already December?!?!

Last year at this time (I think exactly to the day, in fact) we were bringing Annabelle home from the hospital. Then, 2 weeks later, Mark left for the Dual in the Pool in London. This was only to be a short 4 day trip, until D.C. decided to get dumped on by the North Pole and shut down all airports due to weather. Mark got stuck. In London. For 3 extra days. I was home. Alone. With a new born. Ugh. He made it home (on December 23) just in time for Christmas.

This year he'll be flying to the middle east for 10 days to, once again, represent the U.S. He'll be swimming the 100 meter breaststroke and the 50 meter breaststroke.

So that I am not alone this year, I will have visitors while he is away. Phew. Fingers crossed that travel home for Mark is safe and swift as to not put a wrinkle in our fun holiday plans.

With his big meet just 10 days, Mark is in full resting mode. Tonight at dinner (I made his favorite: meatloaf) Mark said, "I'm starting to feel like a good swimmer again." Good. So practice went well? What did you do at practice? Any fun sets? Did you go fast? {Insert about ten more questions here}.

"Yep," he said. And that was that.

On the schedule for this evening? Renting a movie via Netflix--it's taper time, we're pretty much required to lounge on the sofa.

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