Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taper time=time to find someone to mow the lawn

We rent a home in Auburn. We are in charge of the lawn maitenance. This is not a problem most of the year. Mark typically mows the lawn.

However, taper time means that it is time to find someone else to do the job. I know, I know... I could be this someone else, but I'm not. I did mow the lawn a few times when we lived in Charlote. Let me rephrase. I did mow the lawn a few times when I lived in Charlotte and Mark was already living back in Auburn. I called Mark to just chit chat and he asked what I was doing. I said, "mowing the lawn." I could feel him rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone. It wasn't until later that I told him that while I was chatting and mowing the lawn that I was wearing the outfit that I had worn to work that day including the high heels. Evidently a work outfit, high heels, a cell phone chat and mowing the lawn don't go together. Who knew?

Now, don't take me for a diva. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but mowing the lawn (okay, and laundry, too) are things that I don't typically volunteer for. So, taper time means that it is time to find someone else to do the job.

Other things Mark does not do on taper include:
  • Standing up to cook dinner (this includes standing to chop, dice, or use the stove)
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Lifting, moving or rearranging furniture (sometimes we just like to change it up)
  • Walking through the mall (this might just be a good excuse)
  • Playing basketball, throwing a frisbee or playing vollyball
  • Sitting outside in the heat

What is left?

Taper is typically when we rent entire seasons of television shows and watch all 4 DVDs in two days, go to the movies and just hang out.

But, first thing's first... I've got to find someone to mow the lawn.


  1. Umm... What's Taper time? If I'm going to be the mother of a future world-class swimmer, you've got to fill me in : )

  2. Is it bad that I miss mowing the lawn? Oh Iowa, what did you do to me?

  3. Jeremy loves mowing the lawn....probably because he's never had one. I would volunteer him but we're 6 hours away. :)