Friday, September 10, 2010

Is my new leaf still turned?

I received a question from a friend and, evidently, avid reader (thanks, Cathy!) She asked if I stuck to my new leaf promise made right before Pan Pacs.

I am proud to say... you're darn tootin' I did.

Now, I'm not claiming to not get nervous at all. Have you ever watched your husband swim in a race that lasts one minute (literally) to secure financial peace for the next year? Well, if not, then no judgement.

So, yes, I did get nervous, but it was an appropriate level of nervousness.

I was cool, calm and collected. I sat with friends during Mark's races (I would never do this before). I chatted, socialized and even took pictures-again, my previous nervous self would have been too nervous-on the verge of vomiting-to even hold a camera, much less a baby and a camera.

This new leaf business is great. I feel good and Mark swims fast. What an amazing combination!Additionally, as soon as I declared the turning of this new leaf, Mark got the sense that stipend and the entire stipend process would be undergoing some changes in the next couple of years (to our benefit--when I say our I mean all elite US swimmers). Oprah's got The Secret, but I've got The New Leaf. Now all I need is a daytime talk show and a couple billion dollars, and I'm in business.

The next thing I hope this new leaf focuses on is the sponsorship situation. I've heard that patience is a virtue, but have not experienced this virtue first hand.

So, if you're thinking about flipping your own leaf, I say "go for it!"

This is Breezy Danger sigining off...

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