Monday, September 13, 2010

Memory lane to Beijing

I received a phone call from a dear friend last week to let me know that she and her family are heaed to China later this month. She was hoping for a little advice about China travel (good restaurants, fun sites to see, places to explore, etc.), but I couldn't hardly remember a thing... so I took a little trip down memory lane. Mark kept a blog leading up to the Olympics in the summer of 2008, which I took over during the Olympics when all of the athletes were banned from blogging during competion (we also had to change the name of the blog from to after the IOC-International Olympic Committee-came down hard on the rights to the word 'Olympic'). Wow. What a trip!

If you'd like to take a trip down our memory lane, you are welcome to visit The blog is still acceessible, though we really only contributed for about two months (shortly after the Olympic trials until right after the Olympic Games--sort of like this blog we thought it would be good for friends and family, but we quickly realized that a lot of people were quite interested in Mark's (our) experiences that summer).

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