Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One more piece of cake

Seriously; Mark started back to training this week, so we had to bake and eat one last cake before we got back to "serious" Tuesday at 3pm (practice time).

While Mark is on vacation from his job each summer (usually sometime in August or September after his big taper meet) we both let ourselves go. Cookies, cake, and ice cream are on the menu. Other vacation menu items include hamburgers and french fries. Do these things make either of us feel good? Absolutely not. "Aren't you always aloud to eat what you want?" Sure, but when I am cooking for or eating with an everyday Olympian, I, too, eat as though I am a lean, mean, swimming machine.

Mark loves chocolate chip cookies. I think if he had to choose his favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies would be it. So, in the last two weeks I managed to make only batch of cookies. However, because Mark (self proclaimed) can eat an entire batch in one night, I only made about 7 cookies at one time an froze the rest of the dough. Brilliant, right? You're welcome to call me Martha, Betty, or some other domestic diva of your choice.


  1. Hi, Ashley. Glad to know your vacation went well. Yesterday I read an article on Housatonic, about Mark and, in part, swimimg in general. I liked what he said.

  2. i made cookies the other day...all of them were goine within a day or two, id like to say there were 3 of us eating them, but really it was just me and corey, and if im being truthful, really it was more me...i will be dividing the dough next time i make cookies...very smart, and thanks for the tip!!!

  3. Ha! The worst part is that I like the frozen dough better than the baked cookies, so we end up with fewer cookies and more frozen dough in my belly!