Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here we come, Tiger

Remember that little trip to France that I didn't go on this summer? Well to make up for lost berets and croissants, Mark has planned a great weekend trip to The Cliffs in North Carolina. I know what your thinkin'... "you missed a trip to France and a measly trip to the mountains is supposed to make up for it?!" Yep. I'll take what I can get.

Mark's job includes working with sports psychologist, biomechanists, exercise physiologists, strength coaches, etc. What I am getting at is that it takes a village...

Anyway, one of Mark's former sports psychologists works with a resort called The Cliffs. Sounds familiar, right? The Cliffs includes multiple golf courses (hence why our everyday Olympian is so pumped about our trip) endorsed by good ole' Tiger... Woods, that is. Our friend, Mark's former sports psychologist, works with the resort to ensure that top notch wellness centers, professionals and activities are available to visitors and homeowners.

Anyway, our lovely and fascinating sport psychologist friend has arranged for Mark and I and our dear friends (another Olympic family) to visit The Cliffs for one weekend this month.

Now, again, don't get the wrong idea. We are not divas, nor do we typically visit such resorts, however we do get to know and befriend some pretty fantastic people who are extremely smart, talented and successful--they are experts in their fields. Consider this a consolation prize for the finger-biting anxiety.

While I'd like to say that this mini vacay will be a perfect opportunity for Mark and I to spend some quality time together after a crazy summer, it is more accurate to say that Mark will be spending some quality time with the golf course and I will be spending some quality time with an outside rocking chair and a yoga mat. Don't pity us. Believe me, I think we're both excited about the arrangement.

Our trip won't be all play, however. Each night Mark and our dear friend, and fellow Olympian, will be meeting with life coaches, psychologist and The Cliffs professionals to talk about things like motivation, determination, psychology and wellness--a small price to pay for a beautiful cottage in the mountains for three days.

So, this week I will be working my tail off (remember I am a PhD student and the semester began last week, therefore i am reading and writing until my eyeballs fall out) in order to skip town and enjoy the mountains. I can hear my yoga mat whispering to me from the closet, "put down that journal article and statistics book... let's go to the mountains already!" In due time my dear mat.

Here we come, Tiger... are you ready for us?

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