Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super hero capes and Yorkie-Poos

As I am filling out the Gangloff Family's handy dandy google calendar I am starting to sweat. Why, you ask. Well, quite frankly, because I'm not sure how we're going to swing it this fall.

Here's the count (from now until Christmas):
Mark clinics=8
Gangloff Family participation in Eric's open water swim=1 (yes, I am planning on swimming, too)
Ashley work/school conference=2
Mark international competition=1
1st Birthday party=1
Family weekend visits=3

Not to mention the daily responsibilities of training, teaching, studying, raising a child, blah, blah, blah...

Now, I'm not complaining. I'm just reminding myself that I need to pull the super hero capes out of the closet because the accomplishment of this list will be an amazing feat that requires super human strength, tolerance and coordination.

Have I told you about Daisy, the dog, yet? Well, our travel is extremely upsetting for your average, everyday, Yorkie-Poo (even when one of us is staying at home). When Mark pulls out the suitcase, Daisy hides behind the sofa.

So, Daisy, you better reserve your spot under the sofa for Sept., Oct. and Nov. because I'm not sure if the suitcase will ever make it back into the closet.

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