Saturday, August 7, 2010

Glued to the computer

Right now I have 5 tabs open on my internet browser as I wait for Mark's event (200m breaststroke). I am watching the meet via live streaming on, I am (of course) logged into Facebook, I am blogging via, I am checking updated articles on and I am browsing for cute baby clothes on

Mark's event is swimming now but there are a ga-zillion heats and he will be towards the end, so I have time to catch up with old friends via Facebook, shop and catch up on a little swimming news. What can I say? I am a product of my generation. The only thing that would complete this picture would be Jersey Shore playing on the tv in front of me (I plan on watching the season premier that I missed last week later today).

Annabelle is taking a nap in her red, white and blue dress, "cheering" for Daddy.

Evidently the meet has been interesting since I left. DQ's, upsets and rising stars. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Today we will be cheering for our dear friend Eric (and Mark, of course). Eric and Mark trained together at Auburn, roomed together in Beijing and have always been great buds. Swimming is so wierd. There probably isn't anyone that Mark wants to beat more than Eric, but Eric is one of his best friends in the world. Both are fierce in the water, but as soon as they touch the wall they are making plans for dinner together. What makes this relationship even more perfect is that Eric's girlfriend is one of my best friends from Auburn, too!

The other night (Mark was on taper so we were obviously restricted to the house... the sofa) we were watching So You Think You Can Dance (against Mark's will). I get a text message from Jeri. She says that she is watching Toddlers and Tiaras and jokes that she will make all of Annabelle's pageant dresses (Mark would die before Annabelle will be allowed to enter a pageant). Within minutes Mark gets a text from Eric that says, "I can't believe that I am watching Toddlers and Tiaras." Mark returns the message consoling Eric and telling him that he is having to watch SYTYCD. He then follows up with "At least you don't have to watch the 'My Baby Can Talk' baby sign language DVDs."

It was as if all four of us were sitting on the sofa together--the boys rolling their eyes and Jeri and I making them watch girlie reality tv. Yeah right... I think they secretly like it.

To support Eric in his other endevors check out the great things he is doing with Livestrong. Click here to help Eric fight against cancer.


  1. There are so many more irritating kids videos than the "My Baby Can Talk". I actually don't mind them, and mini-man LOVES them. I think he has a thing for blondes : )
    Glad you made it back, sorry for all the travel chaos. Sort of makes me never want to go to an airport again!

  2. How did Mark do in the 200?

  3. He swam ok. Honestly, I forget the exact time (so unlike me). In the best interest of his 100m breaststroke in 2 weeks at Pan Pacs he decided to scratch the B finals (not swim) and rest.