Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is taper?

When I asked friends and family their interpretation of what taper is, this is what they said.

I remember in college Jeremy and I used to always race up the steps at his apartment building except he would always scream "not while I'm on taper!!!"....those weeks he would climb three steps and stop to rest his legs and take a deep breath. weirdo! ;)

- Heather Knowles (wife of Jeremy Knowles, 3x Olympian; Bahamas)-

We would get blended yogurt instead of fruit on the bottom yogurt during taper so we didn't waste energy stirring. Ha! (Seriously we did cuz we thought it was funny).

-Cathy Sursi Durden (AU swimming alum and wife of Dave Durden, Head Coach; Cal)- is a beautiful thing to do nothing....and then rest afterwards

-Dean Hutchinson (AU swimming alum and Coach)-

I was told by my dear friends Ashley Gangloff and Heather Knowles that taper is when you are not allowed to pick a fight with your boyfriend. He is always right. One more reason I hate taper.

-KK Hagler (soon to be wife of Doug Van Wie; AU swimming alum)-

taper=the reason why I still swim.

-Alana Dillett (AU swimming alum and Olympian; Bahamas)

Though helpful, I am still looking for someone to really write about it. What is taper? What does it feel like? What is the purpose? What is the best part about it? If you have a good explanation, please let me know and we'll feature you on the blog!

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