Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy's butt may get jiggly on taper

So, at this point you've heard me blab about taper. Well, it is now in full swing and yesterday I was asked not to set my alarm clock too early between now and nationals because, supposedly, I make too much noise, open the curtains and let the sun in and, in general, awaken anyone trying to sleep. This doesn't really sound like punishment until you understand that between 5 and 6:30 is MY time.

I typically get up early and work out. Yes, this may sound hard core, but this is not the reason I do it. Really, I get up so stinkin' early because I am a horrible runner and if I am up while the two babes (Mark and Annabelle) are still sleeping then I can beat the heat and not have to take the jogging stroller. The jogging stroller is a wonderful thing (except when you are trying to get back into shape and it takes every muscle in your body just to move that same body forward. I run with my finger tips down to my toes) and I am grateful for it, but getting up early means that I can leave the stroller and babe at home.

So, taper now means that I have to find someone to mow the lawn and that there is a good chance that my butt will get a bit jigglier from lack of exercise. If this is the case, I ask that you refrain from judging me at Nationals. Ah, the life of the wife of an average, everyday, Olympian.

I have also been wondering about Mark, the baby and taper. Will he avoid picking her up now? She is a whopping 20+ lbs at only 7 months old and I would assume that this may be exerting too much energy for our Olympic Daddy. I'll keep you posted.

I'm sure you've also been wondering about the lawn. Well, after 2 weeks of letting it grow it finally got a trim by a dear friend (my old coach's son... see, I told you we were like family around here!).

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  1. Girl, you're just trying to get our sympathy and that butt of yours needs none. You look amazing : )
    But, I totally get the YOU-time thing. Could use a little of that in my neck of the woods.