Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfectly packaged meals... Like Daddy like daughter

This past weekend I decided to venture into the world of homemade baby food. As I finished up and poured the pureed veggies into ice cube trays for easy freezing and storing, I realized that this is now the second person in the family to eat perfect portioned, pre-packaged, homecooked meals every day.

When Mark grills chicken... he really grills chicken. There have been times that he will grill 12-15 chicken breasts at one time. What does he do with all of this chicken? He packs them perfectly in tupperware containers for the rest of the week.

He says he doesn't like to have to think about what to eat or how to make it in time to satisfy his hunger.

Mark makes a pot full of black beans and rice, a pot full of mixed veggies and chicken breasts galore. He then portions out a serving of each of the three foods into tupper ware containers for easy lunches that get him ready for afternoon practices. He has even figured out that if he puts the chicken breast in first (upside down) then the black bean and rice and veggies in on top of the chicken that when he flips the tupperware container onto a plate that the meal will be perfectly right side up.

He believes, for him (this might not be the best meal for everyone), that this is the meal that makes him feel the best for his afternoon training sessions. This meal is his lunch. He then, most nights, eat chicken for dinner, too. There have been weeks that we consume almost 18 chicken breasts. I'm afraid that soon we will start growing feathers and laying eggs.

The funniest part about Mark's lunch is the plate that he eats it off of. I have beautiful ceramic dishes, however they do not microwave well. So, Mark uses acrylic monkey plates (plates that are in the shape and design of a monkey face-designed for toddlers) to reheat and eat his pre-practice meal off of. That poor monkey plate is filled to the brim with Mark's lunch.

So, Annabelle eats one cube of fruit and one cube of veggies at each feeding and Mark eats a monkey plate full of chicken, black beans and rice, and veggies. Simple.


  1. And all through high school it was chicken, rice and mixed vegetables!! So monotonous!!

  2. Hi,Ashley. I like your blog very much. You're very talented in writing and extraordinary natural!
    I'm Italian and, in my Country, food in a religion. Could you imagine to freeze the Holy Bible? :)