Monday, June 28, 2010

Mrs. Federer and Me

I wonder if Mrs. Federer gets nervous watching Roger play. Sometimes I look at other wives in the stands at their husbands' events and can see that I-think-I'm-gonna-barf look on their faces. I can relate.

I can relate... kinda, though I doubt that Myrka is concerned about a monthly stipend from the national governing body and how many clinics Roger can book in order to pay the bills. I'm not jealous (much), I'm just sayin'.

I couldn't time Mark's splits very easily on a Rolex anyway.

Regardless of the sponsorship differences, I can feel Myrka's pain every time Roger loses a game or misses a backhand. I'm not sure any amount of money makes it any easier to watch (I'm assuming).


  1. It's kind of like when Curt is trying to finish building a house before the end of the month. I definitely time him on my Rolex though :)

  2. Its funny how I thought all the nervousness would end after Jeremy retired from swimming. But it didn't. Now I'm just nervous if his little class of fourth graders are going to do well on their next math test.
    Nervous = care/a bit of a mothering tendency
    ....Imagine how much nervousness there will be when it is our children in the pool or on the ball field....or 10m platform.