Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big winner revealed...

Drum roll, please...


Joel sent in the best travel tip ever! It may seem obvious, but that is what makes this one so great (and easy!).

So, probably like a lot of you, I have always made a copy of my passport, driver's license, etc. before leaving on a trip. The silly thing is, however, that I would keep this copy in the same bag as my actual passport, driver's license, etc. (not good if this is the bag that I lose) or I would zip it in my checked lugage (really stupid and not helpful at all in a crisis situation at the airport, not to mention the risk of someone else getting into your luggage). I always had the right intention, but never executed the plan very well.

Well, Joel has come to my rescue. Joel's best tip ever is to scan your passport and email a copy to yourself. With a copy of your passport in your email you can access it from anywhere (hotel, airport, blackberry, etc.). Brilliant!

So, here is a step by step:
  1. Scan a copy of your passport
  2. Email this scanned copy to yourself (I also emailed a copy to Mark and my mother... just in case)
  3. Access your passport (even if you lose the actual passport-something Mark and I have both done) from anywhere

Piece of cake.

Thanks, Joel, for this travel tip. It will make travel a lot less stressful with minimal upfront effort.

I will be posting other great travel tips (thanks to everyone who participated) periodically. We received so many wonderful tips-we will surely use all of them on our upcoming adventures.

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