Saturday, December 3, 2011

Back in the race of things

The last few weeks have been characterized by treading water. With a trip to Italy (yes, I actually made the flight), the holidays, and Nationals the Gangloffs have been on the road and in the water.

First things first. I feel as though I owe you brief commentary about our trip to Italy. Last time I tried to travel with Mark to an exotic destination sans baby it was a complete disaster (read about it here). This time, nervous to jinx it, I hardly spoke of our planned trip to Bolzano, Italy. No, it was not some fancy luxurious vacation, it was for a swim meet, but Mark and I got to go together, enjoy long dinner with friends, and watch whatever movies we wanted on the plane (our 2-year old stayed at home with Grandma). We traveled with the McGills. It was lovely. We drank wine, ate pasta, and race. Well, I watched, Mark raced. He raced pretty well and even won a box of apples, which we had to give away because after all what were we going to to with a box of apples in Bolzano when we were leaving the next morning?

Last night we, my new swim wife partner in crime, Julianne, drove to Atlanta last night to cheer for the boys at nationals. Mark and Tyler did well considering they were not shaved and tapered and Tyler is fresh off of a honeymoon (Congrats, McGills!). Mark was 4th and Ty was 2nd in their respective events. Mark went a 1:01.0. Not bad and much better than he has been known to swim this time of year. We'll chalk this up to a good race and a great starting point heading into 2012.

After dinner we met our dear friends, Richard Long (Auburn Unviersity Assistant coach) and Pat Calhoun (2000 Olympic breaststroker) for dinner. We told inappropriate stories from college for almost two hours before us girls, Julianne, Annabelle, and I loaded up for the long drive home.

Mark swam again today. I watched. I didn't text Mark but rather waited for his call. He called and said, "Well, that was painful." Yep... I could tell. Our everyday Olympian went out a little too fast to hold on for a full 200. Oh well.

We'll be heading back to Atlanta in two weeks for Dual in the Pool. Will you be there? Will you be watching? As always... we need your speedy wishes and fast thoughts. A prayer or two wouldn't hurt either.

Click here link to the live streaming of U.S. Nationals.

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