Monday, July 18, 2011

That darn suit

Do you remember last year's "suit sent 'round the world"? I thought it would be a single installment. I was wrong. Here is "Suit sent 'round the world: Part two."

Mark will be wearing Arena at the world championships this summer (next week, in fact). Based in Italy, Arena sent Mark a suit. It was supposed to arrive on the Friday before Mark left. Mark came home from practice to find a notice from DHL that there had been a package delivery attempt but that nobody was home to sign therefore, the package was not delivered. When Mark called DHL to track down the package, which he knew was his suits, DHL said that it was impossible to locate the driver and, by default, the package of suits. And so, the "suit sent 'round the world" project, once again, landed on my lap.

I took Mark to the airport on Monday (the package had not arrived yet)... but before we left we put this sign on the back door and made sure to put the signature slip on the front.

A long story short goes something like this:
-Mark to Australia for a training trip
-Suit arrived hours after Mark left (yes, I have thought about how much easier it would have been if the stinkin' suit would have arrived in time for Mark to just pack it)
- 2 post offices unable to ship a package to Australia (seriously?!)
-Pakmail (my heroes) could get the job done
-Mark arrived in Australia... 36 hours later Mark's suit arrived in Australia

Mission accomplished. Like sand through the hour glass... so are the days of average, everyday, Olympic wives.

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