Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old, married, and a spot in the finals

This was the third evening/morning double whammy combo of the week. Watching swimming each night (prelims in Shanghai) and every morning (semi-finals/finals in Shanghai) has pushed me into just plain tired. Really, I'm not staying up late and I'm not really getting up any earlier than usual, but emotionally, I am wiped out. You see it takes a lot of energy being nervous, being emotional, and hanging onto the edge of your seat to see if you dear husband has made the finals. This morning he did (by the hair on his chinny chin chin).

As I've said, Mark has been known as a sprinter. Sometimes it even seemed as though the 100m breaststroke was about 15m too long for our everyday Olympian. Mark has seen huge success in the 50m breaststroke at previous World Championships (he's earned a silver medal in the event in 2005 and a bronze medal in 2009). This morning he swam in the semi-finals of the 50m breaststroke and clocked a time of 27.57 and finished 8th to make the finals. The poor guy that got 9th and missed finals clocked a time of 27.64 (yes, that is less than .10 of a second). We're just glad that poor guy wasn't Mark.

I texted, as usually as soon as he touched the wall. I said, "Love. (Phew)." And that was it. It usually takes him about 30minutes to warm down, dry off, and reply. His response was, "Keeping you on your toes. I will call you later." Very funny. Another close call like that and he might find not just my toes, but my entire foot in an uncomfortable position.

How did he look? Heck if I know. The 50's are so fast that I can't hardly focus my eyes to see the race. I blink and it is over. When I talked with Mark after he got back to his hotel he said that the first 30m felt great and that there are adjustments that will need to made on the last bit of the race. Okay, captain. Whatever you say.

That reminds me. I think I failed to tell you that our everyday Olympian was named Co-captain of the US team. Big honor. It has also turned into a bit of a joke (a gracious one). You see, Mark is old. Not really in terms of real life, but in swimming and on the US swim team he is old. And he is married. And he's got a kid. Therefore, by default, he must be conservative and responsible, right? The boys (Mark and Eric) were joking that in order to be a captain you've got to be old and married (I guess having a kid just solidifies the deal). Mark's co-captains are Eric and Jason Lezak. Both old. Both married. The women captains are Natalie Coughlin and Amanda Beard. Both old. Both married. Do you see the pattern?

Well, the wife of the old, married, finalist has got to get back to work now. See you in the a.m.

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