Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I officially have Olympic tickets {cue happy dance}.

Well, I guess they are not officially in my hands, but I won the lottery. No, not the one where you win millions of dollars. The one where you win a chance to watch your husband, the love of your life, live out his dreams. I'd say that's better than a million dollars (though if someone wants to give us a million dollars I wouldn't turn them away).

Olympic tickets are hard to come by. I wrote about it here. And here.

But, I won. Mark did not. Weird, huh? My mother won (some, but not all tickets) and Mark's mom also won (some, but not all tickets). I was the big winner of the family. I won (the chance to buy, for a handsome sum of money I might add) tickets to prelims, semi's, and finals of the 100m breaststroke for prelims and finals of the 4x100m medley relay. When I was practically turning cartwheels as I told Mark he looked at me and said, "Now I've just got to make it."

While this is the truth (and honestly the pressure sucks), all Mark really has to do now is enjoy the journey... everything else will fall into place. Actually, I take that back. Things don't just fall into place. Our everyday Olympian will work his tail off, give it everything he's got, get beat sometimes, but win others, he'll hurt, he'll push it, and then when he thinks he's done, he'll push harder. That is when things "fall" into place. And, when they do, I'll be there with tickets in hand {again with the dance}.

This weekend Mark will be in Tifton, GA for a clinic and later this summer he'll be in Paris, Australia, Shanghai, and California. Quite a journey he's got in front of him--and I'm just talking through August.

Stay tuned... tomorrow I'll tell you about when Mark cried at swim camp.

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