Thursday, May 5, 2011

After the tornadoes

We live in Auburn, Alabama. Yes, the same Alabama that was devastated by tornadoes last week. The tornado sirens did sound last Wednesday night in our community, so we pulled Annabelle from her crib and sat in the hallway (no windows). All I could think about were our dear ones in Birmingham and surrounding areas--I knew they had already seen the worst of the storm. The sirens in Auburn were turned off only fifteen minutes after they started as the storms were believed to be moving North and away from Auburn.

We certainly felt fortunate to be spared from the path of the storm, however we did not truly understand the wrath of nature until we saw pictures the next day. Families lost everything-including loved ones that night. And we, Mark, Annabelle, and I, were merely inconvenienced for 15 minutes and then were able to resume normal life. Wow.

One of the most wonderful things about Mark's weird job is getting to connect and touch so many lives. Our dear friend, Trevor Joelson, co-founded an organization called Wrap Up America. This organization provides blankets to families in need. After all, the easiest way to provide warmth and comfort is a simple act of kindness and a warm blanket. This week, Trevor asked Mark to create a video to inspire other to donate blankets to be distributed to Tuscaloosa. Mark, happy to help a friend and hopefully and entire community, agreed.

So, I, of course, was the production assistant/videographer. This morning, with a crying baby in her crib and a yorkie-poo laying on the couch in the background, Mark and I taped a short clip in the front yard for Wrap Up America and its tornado relief efforts. It may have taken a few tries (12), but we got it. The video asks viewers for support. With Wrap Up America, helping storm stricken families is easy.

Alabama is our home and it breaks our hearts to hear of fellow Alabamians' sufferings. This little video, though may be insignificant, is our little way of helping Trevor, Wrap Up America, and the families in Alabama that so need our support.

If you are interested in providing a blanket through Wrap Up America click here.

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