Friday, October 15, 2010


It is sooooooooo on.

I talked to Mark a couple of days ago about my CALORIE CONTEST idea. He agreed to humor me and participate.

Here is the deal:

Everyone ALWAYS asks how much Mark eats (Thanks to a 2008 Michael Phelps interview during which he claimed to eat 10,000 calories a day)

I don't really even know how many calories Mark eats a day

We have a closet full of cool stuff (gear, apparel, and awesome souvenirs from our crazy travels) just begging to be loved by someone


Friday (October 22, 2010) Mark will be keeping a food diary. He will write down everything he eats. He will be training three times that day (a morning pool workout, a weight workout mid morning, and an afternoon pool workout).

How many calories do you think Mark will eat on this typical training day?

Email your guess to We will select a winner the following Monday (October 25, 2010).

Prize? Well, after quick cleaning of the closet, Mark and I put together a little goodie bag that includes:
  • An Olympic drawstring backpack
  • A speedo ball cap
  • An authentic Olympic plastic bracelet from Beijing (I bought it right outside of the Bird's Nest! Ahhhhh.... memories)
  • A Samsung "official sponsor of the 2008 Olympics" polo shirt
  • An autographed swim cap (Mark Gangloff... duh!)
Ready? Set? Guess!