Thursday, September 30, 2010

Professor Gangloff

Nope. I'm not talking about myself (though I am counting down the next three years in days, minutes, and seconds, until I will be Professor Gangloff. Don't worry, I'll let my close friends just call me Dr. Ashley). Today Mark will be speaking to a few business classes at Auburn University. He is not even speaking at my class because I am giving an exam today (dun, dun... dunnnnn....). He agreed to speak to 2 organizational behavior classes about motivation taught by my faculty advisor.

I was listening to him prepare last night. He tells funny stories about being bribed with Van Halen tickets to swim fast as a 12 year old and about how at 15 his motivation to make the finals at the U.S. National Championships was to get on T.V. Sure, he talks about the good stuff, too, like the motivation of that a USA swim cap provides him, but it is the funny stuff that I know will make a bunch of college sophmores giggle.

Yes. He did swim fast enough to get the Van Halen tickets and yes, he went to the concert with his coach.

He of course, will bring along his medals.

This is a little bit of a different kind of talk Mark will give to a slightly different type of audience, so I am especially proud of him. He is constantly working to perfect his trade, think outside of the box, and inspire so many different people.

After I teach my class this morning, I'll go sit in on his and I'll try my hardest to sit quietly in the back row.

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