Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home this weekend. All of us. I could not be more thrilled.

Since May our little family has been on the go. Not that pre-May was much easier given that in the last 12 months I have a) uprooted my home, my job and my family to moved into a new home in a new town (revisited) with a new job, b) started a PhD program, c) been pregnant and d) had a baby. Pre-May was challenging, but since May my head has actually been spinning.

But, this weekend, no one is traveling. No one is driving an hour and half back and forth to the airport. No one has any layovers in random cities. No one has to worry about lost baggage (except Mark, whose bag from Pan Pacs is still missing--yep, the one that had his medals in it). No one has to worry about time changes. No one has to be stressed about returning home on a Sunday with no time to prepare for the following week.

Can you tell that I am excited about this weekend?

Things that I would like to accomplsih this weekend include (not necessarily in this order, but this is the way it is coming to me)...
  • Laying in bed (all of us--Mark, Annabelle, Daisy-the dog-, and me) as long as humanly possible on Sunday morning
  • Going to church as a family
  • Actually getting laundry done and put away (we are the type of family that leaves the clean laundry in the basket until it sits long enough that we can't remember if it is clean or dirty and end up washing it for a second time)
  • Tailgating for the big home game with friends without concern about schedules, commitments, or obligations
  • Organizing my dayplanner (I used to be a highlighter, color-coder, type of gal, but in the last few months I have thrown away my highlighter and have turned into a girl that is just trying to survive the next activity)
  • I think I'll pick up a craft project, too (I am a former art student turned business PhD student--I know, quirky, but that's me. Sometimes, I just need me a little Hobby Lobby to bring me back to center)

Mark will also get in a full week's worth of training, which is something that hasn't happened since this summer. In the last few years (this is now Mark's sixth year as a professional swimmer), Mark has learned how to plan his year as to optimize working, training, and racing. In the fall Mark sacrafices a ton of training in order to travel and work. Then, about November, Mark's work schedule slows so that he can return to full time training. Don't worry, he's still working hard in the pool now, but traveling often disrupts a training week causing him to miss 1, 2, 3, sometimes even 4 training sessions a week.

But, this weekend we are home. Home, sweet home.

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  1. Ha, I laughed outloud at the laundry part---I too more often than not end up rewashing clean clothes...but it is something that I am wokring on..i tried the philosophy of dont start doing laundry unless i know i have the time (and energy) to fold and put away...but that backfired because then i had an unreal amount of laundry to wash...sometimes (all the time) I wish we could hire a maid