Sunday, June 6, 2010

A day in the life...

It is still difficult for most people to understand what Mark does all day. Though I might as well just say, "eat, sleep, swim and repeat," I thought I'd lay it out for you. I know, I know, this is a tad dry and boring, but I am still working on getting you caught up to speed on all of the tiny intricacies of our sometimes boring, sometimes exciting, usually interesting, life-also because my mother requested a play by play of a typical day for Mark. Don't worry, there will be no quiz at the end of this (except for you, Mom).

A typical Monday:

5:15 Ashley wakes up and goes for a run (do I do this every single morning? No, and I know that you really only care about what Mark's typical day looks like, but I wanted to throw something in here that makes me look dedicated, athletic and hard core-did it work?)

6:15 Mark wakes up, eats, drinks his pre-practice shake and heads to practice

7:00-8:15 Mark lifts weights

8:15-9:15 Mark swims

9:30 Mark eats, again

9:30-10:00 Mark ices (knees, shoulders and whatever else needs it)

10:00-12:00 Mark takes care of business (emails, phone calls, bills, etc.-this, of course, includes laundry-have I told you how much I despise laundry?)

12:00 Mark eats, again

12:20-2:00 Mark naps

2:00-2:30 Mark thinks about what he is going to eat next

2:30 Mark eats, again, and drinks his pre-practice shake

3:00 Mark heads back to the pool for stretching, warming up, etc.

4:00-6:00 Mark swims

6:15 Mark eats a snack

6:30-7:00 Mark ices (knees, shoulders and whatever else may need it)

7:00 Mark eats dinner

7:30-9:30 Mark hangs out with his beautiful, smart, charming, etc. wife

10:00 Mark calls it a night and heads to bed to dream about eating, sleeping and swimming

I'm sure that you can tell from the above play-by-play that we are constantly going to the grocery store. There are certainly staples in our diet and on our grocery list; apples is one of them. We eat what seems like a million apples a week. Oatmeal, eggs and chicken breasts are also constants on our list. I really should cut coupons considering how frequently we are grocery shopping, but this is not a skill that I have mastered yet. One of my goals this summer is to become a coupon cutting expert-I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Okay, off to the grocery store... seriously. We need more apples and chicken breasts. Typical.

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  1. Are you sure he's not pregnant? Cause that's a whole lot of eating : )