Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My husband shaves his legs

Yes, my husband shaves his legs. He also has to shave his arms, chest, back, armpits and feet. Some might find this weird, but to us it is very normal.

My first experience with Mark and his shaving was during my sophmore year in college. Mark was taking a bath at my apartment (not sure why he chose my bathtub in which to do his ritual shaving) before his "shave and taper" meet that summer. "Shave and taper" meets are big meets typically at the end of the season. They are meets at which you are attempting to swim your "best time." In Mark's case, at least now anyway, "shave and taper" meets are usually qualifying meets, like the U.S. Olympic Trials, or international meets, like the Olympic games. Mark typically does a full shave once, twice, sometimes three times per year.

Anyway, Mark was in my bathtub, with the door closed, taking a bath. He had gone in with a can of shaving cream and a razor in hand. Not really wanting to be a part of this excitement, I kept myself busy doing little things around the apartment. After about twenty minutes or so, I hear from behind the door, "Ash... will you help me shave my back?" The sounds of these words echoed off of the shower walls.

I did not particularly want to shave Mark's back. But, I stopped what I was doing, went into the bathroom, took the razor and started shaving. Ugh-this is what became my normal.

I realize that I live a weird life in a not-so-common relationship everytime I shave my legs, miss a spot and get shaving tips from my husband (straight husband). I must admit, he does know how to shave over the knee better than anyone else I know.


  1. Yay! I found you! Love the blog :)

  2. Ash, I actually have a funny story about Mark and shaving as well. When I started shaving for the first time I wasn't very good at it. I couldn't figure out how to do it very well. Lucky for me, my big brother Mark is a pro. He taught me. I doubt too many girls can say their big brother taught them how to shave their legs properly.

  3. Hysterical. Maybe he can post some knee shaving tips?

  4. So funny!! Pictures, pictures!! My brother shaved his arms once, NOT for swimming, but because he wanted to see if it would grow back thicker :) Boys are so funny!